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I have been under chiropractic treatment with Dr. Purtle for approximately one year.  When I first came to Dr. Purtle I did not know what to expect.  I initially asked her if chiropractic treatment could help fix headaches.   I was experiencing what I though t was a normal amount of headaches and ficxing it with what I thought was normal amount of Tylenol.  Quickly after starting treatment I learned that 2-5 headaches a week alongside 1,000-2,000mg of Tylenol wasn't healthy on my body.  Something I had pulled out of this experience was chiropractic isn't out to band-aid a symptom to have it reappear later ten-fold, but instead to find out what was causing the symptoms and fix it.  

One of the major results from my experience was my problem entering: headaches.  In the past 7 months I have only gotten probably around 1 headache and that was from being dehydrated.  

One thing that reallly stands out in Dr. Purtle''s office is her knowledge in her field.  When you ask a question she worn't give you some textbook answer that was ingrained into her.  She breaks things down into simple to understand terms.

After doing chiropractic treatment, I now feel more in tuned with my body.  Before I started I would have pains all over my body and eventually I got used to them.  "As humans who only get to live once, why should we do it in pain?" is what I would question myself.

When It comes to "who needs chiropractic care?".  I believe everyone should use it.  Sometimes we get so used to pain that could have been helped relieved by chiropractic care that we just ignore the pain and later in our lives we experience pain that could have been fixed if we had just gotten the head start of chiropractic care.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    --Mason M.  Dunlap, IL

I came to Dr. Purtle for my lower back pain that I suffered for 8 years with.  I had undergone physical therapy and now chiropractic care.  Being under Dr. Purtle's chiropractic care I finally have relief, I am more active and able to do more physically then before with all of this pain.  I absolutely recommend Dr. Purtle.  She is confident, she listens well and asks questions to best plan and implement you individualized care.  Thank you Dr. Purtle for all you have done for me.

--Shelli H.  Brimfield, IL

Most of my life I have suffered from a lot of pain.  I went to my medical doctor seeking help, and was given pain medicine, but the problem never went away.  Since being under chiropractic care I have less pain and less anxiety and am off all anxiety medication.  Dr. Purtle takes what goes on in your body very seriously and it's okay to ask her questions.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Purtle and I have.

--Bittany B.  Peoria, IL

I have suffered from neck pain to lowere back pain, muscle spasms and frequent ton muscles all the way up to migraines.  This all started back in my adolescence years, making a total of about 15 years of pain now!  Previously I went to my medical doctor hoping to get rid of this pain.  For them to prescribe me muscle relaxers and pain killers which only put me down from doing my daily activities becasue I was so heavily medicated and the pain never went away so, later down the line I received chiropractic servies and phycical therapyu hoping to see better results.  With the chiropractic services she gave me full adjustments without causing fear of feeling like I was being tackled.  She also had great concern and advice to improve my well-being.  Most importantly she has made it to where I can now enjoy my daily activities and not be heavily medicated and without having the terrible pain like before.

                                                                                                                                                                                            --Katie V.  Peoria, IL

I suffered with low back and neck pain for a few years.  I've been seeing Dr. Purtle for over a year now and since I''ve bee under chiropractic care I have had great results.  I really enjoy coming to the office because the staff is so friendly.  I would recommend seeing Dr. Purtle if you are experiencing any pain.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   --Brittani S. Peoria, IL 

Several years ago I started having pressure in my neck and pain in my lower back.  I have had some chiropractic services done elsewhere for my condition, but once I started chiropractic care with Dr. Purtle I can tell you I have had reduction in pain.  What I liked most about beight under Dr. Purtle's care is that she gave me patient on on one with explanation of problem and solution.  I have recommended her and I will continue to do so. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     --Joanne O. Peoria, IL

Prior to seeing Dr. Purtle I was in physical therapy due to sciatica.  I came to Purtle Chiropractic and started getting weekly adjustments.  I highly recommend Dr. Purtle.   I am now able to contiue work as before but now I know my limitations and what I can and cannot do.

--Mike W.  Peoria, IL